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Support team for ultrarace GLOCKNERMAN 2013

june 2013

Support team for ultrarace "GLOCKNERMAN 2013"

Our first ultrarace this year I will be supported by Vláďa Vebr, Vláďa Koplík – Mechoš, Zdenek Janeček, Honza Vebr, and the freshman in our team Štěpán Kavan who is helping us cover for Vojta. This time we’re a group of guys only but Mechoš is willing to work not only as a mechanician and driver but also as a cook. This year we are missing Vojta and Jakub who is coming back from New Zealand this week. His role of a filmtaker and photographer will be adopted by Honza who takes all the lences he’s got. We are leaving this afternoon without Honza who will be joining us tomorrow. We are leaving our republic at difficult times during severe floodings and people have other things on their mind…


2013-06-05 22:42:05
Jiří Hledík
Ultracycling for Charity


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Atexsport Tufo

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Ultracycling for Charity

Ultracycling for Charity