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Glocknerman 2013 - We crossed the finish line

june 2013

glocknerman 2013 - We crossed the finish line

I was quite ill few days before the race and only thanks to my daughter Anička I managed to put myself together and be ready to ride. Our team was great as usual, the stops were prepared perfectly, no troubles with the navigation even though there were quite big changes at the last minute. We finished on Saturday at 10:48. The route was 833,5 km long, with 13000 m of elevation. Our total time was 46 hours and 48 minutes which was enough for second place in category 50+ on the route "classic". The winner of my category was Klaus Dieter Beck. We managed to repeat our second place from 6 years ago in a significantly better time - we were faster by 6,5 hours. I would like to thank my team that worked like a well oiled machine. Our new team member - Štěpán Kavan - was perfect and was an adequate replacement for missing Jakub and Vojta. I would like to thank all those who sent us supportive text messages and followed our progress on the web. You can check out the photos in the Galery. Our second race of this year is the Race Around Austria and starts on August 14th.


2013-06-12 17:37:12
Jiří Hledík
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