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Glocknerman 2013 - Changes in the route

june 2013

Glocknerman 2013 - changes in the route

The route of the 16th World Championship changed twice during the two weeks before the start. For the second time it was a day and half before we set off. Due to weather conditions at Hochtor (a mountain pass at Grossglockner) the route "classic" did not go there at all. There was snow and it was freezing at night when the riders were supposed to reach it. The organizers decided that the route will go from Winklern, instead of Hochtor to Hermagor, through  Karnische Dolomitenstrasse to Kartitscher Sattel and Leinz, across Iselsberg Pass and back to Winklern. Despite the fact that this race is quite short, due to the hills it is one of the hardest races in Europe. The inclines of the famous passes are all between 15 - 24%. That you find only in the Alps, not many Central Europeans come to this ultra race. The riders on "ultra" route faced a change at Grossglockner as well. From Hochtor they were returned back to Winklern, instead of crossing the pass, for safety reasons. Our friend Rišo Meleg from Slovakia rode this route and won his category 40+. We congratulate Rišo and hope to see him soon at other races.


2013-08-23 21:54:14
Jiří Hledík
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