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The 5th year of Race Around Austria

august 2013

The 5th year of race around austria

On Wednesday at 14:32 we will start at the 5th annual road bike ultrarace Race Around Austria. We will be taking the "RAA 1500" route. On this route there will be three racers and one handbiker. Two of us are over 50 years old. However the race has no age categories. The start list consists mainly of racers from Austria and Germany. On the 1500 km route we will be competing with famous German RAAM 2011 finisher, Rainer Popp. He was also third at the first Race Around  Austria in 2009. Same as at Glocknerman this year, I will be the oldest competitor on the start list. There will be live GPS tracking on the race’s website: XLOC. We are looking forward to this route of this race RAA 1500 because we have a good experience from EXTREME RAA 2011.


2013-08-23 22:01:36
Jiří Hledík
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