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RAA 2013 - We crossed the finish line

august 2013

raa 2013 - we crossed the finish line

We finished Race around Austria 1500 in 2nd place in 3 days, 21 hours and 30 minutes. We are definitely not satisfied with the time and the speed average. We managed to keep up with the winner, Rainer Popp, for the first two days, after that the gap kept growing. In Lienz (1220th km of the race) was his lead more than 4 hours and it was clear we could not catch up with him. Rainer also had more strength for the last big ascents - Iselsberg, Hochtor, Fuschertörl, and Dietener Sattel - and clearly won the race. The third competitor on the 1500 route - Christoph Shaubmeier - retired from the race after 26 hours of riding after passing Bernhardsthal. We sincerely congratulate Rainer. For us the two ultra marathons this year were mainly preparation for the next season when we plan to start in one of the two races no Czech has ever finished yet - Race around Ireland or Race around Switzerland (Tortour).


2013-08-23 21:40:11
Jiří Hledík
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