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Afras energo
AFRAS ENERGO - Radiation monitoring systems, protections and measurements.

ZAT - Supplier of comprehensive industry automation solutions for the power, mining, and transportation industries, and for health care providers.

ČEZ - Its principal businesses encompass generation, trading, and distribution of power and heat, as well as coal mining. The parent company and core of CEZ Group is ČEZ, a. s. the largest electricity producer in the Czech Republic. Apart from the production and sale of electricity, CEZ Group also deals in telecommunications, informatics, nuclear research, planning, construction and maintenance of energy facilities, mining raw materials, and processing energy by-products.

IC energo
I&C ENERGO a. s. - Is one of the largest Czech suppliers of comprehensive services in the area of control systems and electrical equipment for various industrial applications, including system integration and support. I&CE comprehensive services were recently expanded to include servicing of protective systems in buildings, including electronic fire protection systems, as well as comprehensive servicing of equipment in non-industrial buildings.

TES - Engineering services in power industry, special testing, diagnostics, monitoring and supplies of testing systems (electrical measurements, development and manufacturing of special testing systems, measuring of process parameters, electrical equipment designs, analyses of operational performance and failure analyses, advisory and consultancy services).

SWIETELSKY - The activities of this commpany cover all aspects of construction work like road construction, civil and underground engineering, bridge building, tunnelling, structural engineering.

Bike store
BIKE STORE - Sale and servicing of bikes.

TUFO - Is a company based on more than 25 years of experience in rubber tyre industry of Miloslav Klabal's. Basic philosophy of the company is specialization in development and production of tubular tyres – the best option for cycling sport.

ATEXSPORTSWEAR - At the beginning, the company was specialized in aerobics and cycling sportswear, the range has been progressively widening up to this day when the company offers sportswear for cycling, cross-country skiing, triathlon, in-line skating, football, athletics, fitness, wrestling, figure skating, gymnastics, moto-cross, paintball, spinning, american football and many other sports. 


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ČRo České Budějovice
ČRo České Budějovice

ČRo Wave
ČRo Wave

ČRo Radiožurnál
ČRo Radiožurnál

2012-04-13 12:09:47
Jiří Hledík
Ultracycling for Charity


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Atexsport Tufo

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Ultracycling for Charity

Ultracycling for Charity