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Support team

Ultramarathoner is not alone on the track...

Support team is a vital part of every single ultramarathon! It is not so easy to pick the team members, put the team together, find a suitable role for each person and keep them motivated for multiple seasons. Everything that each member does for the team stems from their voluntarism and willingness to spend a lot of their free time, days off and mental and psychical strength on it.

The team work starts way before the racer goes on the track. In this phase the team helps with the preparation of the race logistics, also providing material, equipment and essential formalities. During the race itself the team members communicate with the race authorities, drive the supporting vehicles, navigate, provide the necessary needs of the ultramarathoner (food, beverages, supplements, clothes,…), service bikes, takie photographs and give the vital moral support or cheer up the rider. Everything the team does is performed during the entire race under all circumstances, all kinds of weather conditions, day and night, nonstop.

The way the race goes is very dependent on the structure and functionality of the team, on its experience and good coordination and also on the resistance from stressful situations. These usually occur when the physical or psychological tension of the racer increase. Ultramarathon truly tests everyone involved, not just the rider. During these competitions you really get to the bone of everyone, you learn your limits and boundaries, but also the way we treat each other and who we really are.

supporting team 2012 for RAAM

In the following season we are operating as the same team which proved itself during the last two ultramarathons DOS RAS EXTREME 2011 and RAA 2011. I'm very glad we managed to put together a strong and reliable team that suits me very well, maintains a great atmosphere and has the ambition to keep on going with me to the more challenging races. 4 years ago we started from nothing and since then we have passed many difficult competitions including the hardest ones in Europe and we're very experienced. All team members confirmed at the CUT camp, that they will participate in RAAM 2012. I am grateful to all of them and also to each one individually for what they've done for me so far and that they will keep on doing all that until the finale. THANK YOU!!!

Vojta hledík

Jira's son, at the moment United Nations Volunteer in Uzbekistan. He has been regularly helping me at various competitions, marathons, 24-hour races. He has this refined British humor and he's a good mood maker. He is a great communicator and English speaker. He's always where he should be. His strong suit is an exact navigation, motivation, dealing with critical situations and decision making. Vojta communicates with the authorities, he drives, navigates, supports the biker. He acts as a crisis manager who tries to keep up with the scheduled time plan of the race. The team has chosen him to be the team leader for the RAAM 2012 Project. Since 2009 Vojta has been a member of the support crew of 5 ultra marathons.

zdenek janeček

Surgeon, team doctor, who lives and works in Prague. At the beginning of 2011 Zdenek and Jíra have agreed that he would be the doctor of our Jira team and he would go with us to the hardest ultra marathon at that time - RAA. And he did! Zdenek is an active cyclist, especially recumbent, who is experienced in 24-hour races. Zdenek is a great professional, incredibly modest and empathetic person. During RAA he won instantly the team's heart and he became a strong support for Jíra! After RAA it became obvious that he will be the vital team member for RAAM. RAA was his first ultra marathon with our team.

jakub cejpek

Student of CTU in Prague, friend of Vojta's, student of civil engineering. Skilled rock climber, mountaineer, icefalls climber, ski alpinist up to six-thousand-meter high peaks! Thanks to that he encounters unique situations where he can explore his other big passion - photographing. He's been a part of the team since July 2010. Jakub is very empathetic! He's been involved in RACE, DOS RAS EXTREME and RAA EXTREME where he's been fully appreciated! Jakub beautifully documents every race, he takes pictures, shoots video and takes care of the food, beverages and supplements for the racer. He contributes a great deal to the team spirit. Since 2010 Jakub has been in the support crew for 3 ultra marathons.

vláďa Vebr

Nuclear engineer, longtime coworker of Jíra's, great friend, reliable partner who handles well difficult situations. Vláďa knows a lot about sport, he used to be a versatile athlete. He helped Jíra in his very beginnings, during his first 24-hour races. He was a team leader for 4 years and he passed the leadership to Vojta for the purpose of RAAM 2012. Vláďa is already helping with the pre-race works! He communicates with organizers, drives, navigates and controls the compliance with scheduled race plan. Excellent relationship among all team members are also to his credit. Since 2008 Vláďa has taken part in the support crew during ultra marathons 6 times already!

vláďa koplík

Mechanician, bike seller and owner of the "BIKE store" company. Friend, cheerer and a reliable partner. Bicycles are Vláďa's destiny - he assembles them at his BIKE STORE, but he also sells and service them. He himself is an active biker. As a mechanician he takes care of the road bikes and his work is always uncompromising no matter how unpleasant the situation or the weather is. He strictly drives the RV and ensures its logistics. How usefully he can pick pitstops cannot be done by anyone else. He makes jokes even when the mood is down which helps to keep the team in the pleasant mode. It was Vláďa who has brought Jíra to mountain bikes to liven up mostly his first part of each season. Since 2008 Vláďa has taken part in the support crew during ultra marathons 6 times already.

jindriška hledíková

Jira's wife, economist at a university. RACE 2009 was her first ultra marathon and then she was rather hesitant whether to stay in the team. Eventually she decided to stay and did the right thing! Before every race she prepares all the meals according to the race plan. She's responsible for all the food and beverages not only for the racer but also for the team. Jindřiška helps with the pit stop logistics and gives massages to Jíra. She contributes to the good spirit of the team. She's the "master of the caravan" where she awaits the racer with all needed refreshments and good mood. She's the author of the new team ritual for RAAM. Ika has been a support crew member 5 times since 2009.

jan vebr

Vláďa's son, self-employed architect mostly working on interior renovation projects. DOS RAS 2011 was his very first ultra marathon where he was Bicman's replacement. Honza instantly blended in, he helped Jíra and the team a lot and he approved himself! He's really empathetic and his strong suit is driving the following vehicle with a certain keen sensitivity with regard to the racer. He accepted Jíra's offer to continue and he repeated his work at RAA. Honza also helps with the pre-race preparation and with communication with organizers. He's an excellent English speaker and he can deal with difficulties. Since 2011 Honza has been involved in 2 ultra marathon's support crews.

dana růžičková

Jakub's girlfriend. She graduated from Humbolt University in Berlin in gardening. She's a keen tour-guide at various summer touristic and bike tours. Also a ski instructor and she and Jakub spend a lot of their time rock climbing and doing ski-alpinism. Her other big hobbies are Latin dances and learning foreign languages. Danča is a tough girl who will be a significant help to Jindřiška while cooking and background support. In June 2012 she will be with us for the first time as a team member.

mirek diviš

A Czech-American who has been living in the USA for many years. He has found his place in San Diego, California where he lives with his wife and children. It was a lucky coincidence and a recommendation of his schoolmate Honza Kalíšek that Mirek was pulled into our team. He is capable of doing anything as he likes to say. He was an active sportsman, he did triathlon and climbing. Although he hasn't been with us long, it turns out Mirek is truly interested in RAAM. He will be a valuable link in the chain of support and race logistic, he'll also help with the official communication. RAAM in June 2012 will be his first ultra marathon.

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